Kino der Totenissa on viisi piilotettua viestiä, joista kaksi on radioita ja kolme filmikeloja. Radiot voi aktivoida räjähteillä, filmikelat taas täytyy ottaa toimintanäppäimellä ja viedä projektorin luokse.

Radioiden ja filmikelojen aiheena on Ludvig Maxis kertomassa kokeistaan koehenkilöllä 26.

Radio 1 Muokkaa

Teatterin kattokruunun sisällä.

Tri. Maxis: "The timeline for deployment can be accelerated. Given the progress we have made in the past two weeks, if patient two-six can retain the impressions longer than thirty-six hours, we will have the process perfected."
(Staattista kohinaa)

Radio 2 Muokkaa

Kujalla, aidan takana olevan pyöreäkattoisen tornin päällä.

Tri. Maxis: "Another setback, patient two-six was killed this morning in a field test. He lost control and attacked one of our handlers. His injuries were minor but patient two-six was destroyed. The break in programming coincided with the flashing lights and loud noises of the fire alarm in the test facility."
(Koputus ovelta)
Tri. Maxis: "One moment!"
(Uusi koputus ovelta)
Tri. Maxis: "What is it?"
(Staattista kohinaa)

Filmikela 1 Muokkaa

Löydettävissä satunnaisista huoneista.

Tri. Maxis: "The test subjects have been undergoing treatment for five days with very little progress. I have been assured that given time, the programming will take hold.""
(Staattista kohinaa)

Filmikela 2 Muokkaa

Löydettävissä satunnaisista huoneista.

Tri. Maxis: "In the past few weeks, we have made great strides in breaking through to their subconscious. I have had the projectionists make edits to a few. These changes have been very effective."

Filmikela 3 Muokkaa

Löydettävissä satunnaisista huoneista.

Tri. Maxis: "Subject two-six has had a breakthrough, he is responding to the treatments and following basic instructions, violent outbursts have been greatly reduced, and given time we feel this method of treatment will be 100 percent effective in most cases."